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Optimizing cash handling at Centra Stores

A seamleass solution with the Brink's retailBox: Brink's providing cash management services for Centra Stores. Curious what Centra Stores has to say about our solutions?

What was the challenge?

Centra is Ireland’s leading convenience retail group, with stores in communities throughout the country. Centra provide their customers with convenient shopping solutions and always offer good value for money. Centra is part of Musgrave Retail Partners, a family owned Irish company and one of Ireland's largest grocery and food distributors. 

Every Centra store is like a mini-community, run by small business owners who are franchisees. They work hard to keep things going smoothly, especially when it comes to managing cash flow. Inside the  shops, you'll find a team of energetic young folks and part-timers. Centra wants them to feel safe, so security should be taken seriously. At Centra, it's not just about convenience – it's about looking out for each other, whether it's our business owners or the dynamic crew on the floor.

The retail box solution was a win win for our business at every level.

James Masterson

Centra Carrick on Shannon

What is the solution?

One of the initial steps was to eliminate the need for trips to the bank. To achieve this, it was crucial to install a secure safe within the shops. This allowed for the direct deposit of cash in the store, eliminating the necessity for bank visits and ensuring that the cash remained secure, accessible only to authorized personnel from Brink's. 

To improve cash flow, the process became more streamlined, with cash being collected automatically, and the funds deposited seamlessly to the bank account after each deposit.

This efficient solution was provided through Brink's Retail Box solution, designed to be user-friendly for all employees.

The solution for Centra


The sealbag deposit safe. To reduce time needed to deposit cash while keeping employees safe in the store.

Log the value of your lodgement through the Brink's Customer Portal and deposit seal bags in your shop or store. RetailBox full? No need to schedule a collection. Our team will automatically arrange for it to be emptied and picked up.

  • Safe including sealbags, for installation in your office 
  • Trustworthy alternative for your bank 
  • Easy-to-use 
  • Funds quickly available in your bank account 
  • Fully insured
  • Improved cash flow
Monthly fee

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