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Efficient solutions for Lituanica Stores

Brink's providing cash management services for Lituanica. Curious what Lituanica has to say about our solutions?

What was the challenge?

Lituanica Ltd  is one of the biggest Eastern Europe food and drink distributors in Ireland specialising in both wholesale and retail providing its customers with a variety in meat, bread, dairy products and confectionery as well as newspapers, magazines and other goods  from Eastern Europe. Their attitude and impeccable reputation in retail is also reflected in their employees and values.

In prioritizing the safety of our employees, Lituanica sought a more secure method for handling cash. Previously, the process involved physically going to the bank, posing safety concerns and consuming considerable time, including the depositing of funds into the bank account. Consequently, we recognized the need for a smarter and safer solution.

It’s absolutely convenient.. no big amounts to count at the end of the day – simple.

Eimante Butiskyte

Lituanica Stores

How did Brink's help?

Brink’s Ireland supplies Lituanica with RetailBox for secure cash handling and  fficient coin delivery, ensuring peace of mind. A trip to the bank is no longer needed. Next-day credit enhances cash flow, providing Lituanica a financial edge. Brink’s dedication transforms cash management, fostering a secure environment for Lituanica stores, including change money delivery.

The solution


The sealbag deposit safe. To reduce time needed to deposit cash while keeping employees safe in the store.

Log the value of your lodgement through the Brink's Customer Portal and deposit seal bags in your shop or store. RetailBox full? No need to schedule a collection. Our team will automatically arrange for it to be emptied and picked up.

  • Safe including sealbags, for installation in your office 
  • Trustworthy alternative for your bank 
  • Easy-to-use 
  • Funds quickly available in your bank account 
  • Fully insured
  • Improved cash flow
Monthly fee

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